Huber Najera


Huber Najera, i.e. H the Technician, is the owner of Rejuvenate SMP. He has been practicing scalp micro pigmentation for over four years and has helped over 1000 clients regain their confidence through successful procedures. H is an expert in color mixing and works with both men and women to achieve natural looking results. He has a deep love for his clients, specializing in everything from soft natural hairlines to a hard barber edge-up. H’s client-based approach and expertise makes him truly beyond the best. 


Road to SMP

I started my journey to scalp micro pigmentation when I began receding and thinning in my early thirties. My barber told me about Smp and I immediately researched the field  and found out that there were no local artists in my area, and that’s when I knew SMP was gonna be something big. Instead of looking to have SMP done for myself,  I quickly booked a training to learn the art of SMP with the CEO of Scalp Co. John Chandler out of San Jose California. I filled the gap in the Utah market and quickly became one of the best Smp artists on the west coast. I felt that through Smp I could change people's lives who are living with the same feeling that I felt when my hair started thinning. 


Credentials and Achievements

H is a Certified Master Artist, a Certified SMP Trainer, and a licensed barber. He was featured in Barber EVO Magazine and currently has the highest rating on Google for SMP artists in Utah. H has also trained with leaders in the field of SMP, among them Chris Herrera in Kensington Maryland, Jeff Picasso in Los Angeles, Tony Abbagato of Pygmenta SMP, and John Chandler of Scalp Co., and Taylor Perry in Miami Florida.


Goals for the Future

H aims to create a team of hungry, up-and-coming artists across the country who follow his client based approach to SMP. Moving forward, H will teach young artists to perform SMP the right way, leaving natural results, getting both men and women out from under hats, toupees, expensive enhancements, and away from feelings of embarrassment associated with thinning hair.


Mission statement

Change lives one dot at a time. And or 

To have every one of my clients leave happier than they walked in.

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