Supreme SMP Pigment Set

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Product Description

Supreme SMP Pigment Set is a pigment specially formulated by Masoud.smp and Picassojeff of world-renowned Leaders SMP Academy located in Los Angeles, California & Montreal, Canada.

This organic solution is designed for scalps to settle quickly and last longer. The unique composition of distilled water with powder, alcohol retains its consistency over time and each batch is guaranteed to have the same result as the last.

SUPREME Pigments are supplied in a medical-grade sealed bottle to ensure its longevity. Supreme is vegan-friendly, containing no animal by-products. It is gamma-sterilized in Canada and has been fully tested by Leaders SMP Academy. 

We first developed Supreme as a pigment for scalps to use in our own clinic. After 24 months of testing and usage in this setting, we were confident in its stability and durability, and eager to offer it to other technicians worldwide. 

Unlike other products on the market, we can show evidence of use.
Sold in sizes of 30ml each bottle will provide up to 35 treatments, far more than any competing product. Each bottle has a two-year shelf-life and is stable for 12 months after opening.


Set includes

  • 3 bottles SMP inks Light, Medium, and Dark (all 30ml each).
  • One kit is sufficient to complete 35+ SMP sessions.
  • Microcapillaire sheet ( how to mix SMP pigments for different skin types and hair colors).


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