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SMP Apex Cartridges - Cartridges - Pro Smp Supplies Inc
SMP Apex Cartridges

SMP Apex Cartridges


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  • Silicone Membrane
  • Health Board Approved
  • 20 Cartridges per Box
  • Maybe Subject To Duties And Taxes Payable By Recipient

Product Description

Introducing our Apex Cartridge Needles.  Combined with the extensive knowledge of Scalp Micro Pigmentation and over 10 years of manufacturing industry leading cartridges we offer needles in a variety of sizes to cater to all types of work variables and we're prepared to change the look of the SMP industry and revolutionize your session. Each cartridge has a silicone membrane that prevent fluid/liquids from flowing back into the device.

With the sizing, it can be used for different purposes in your SMP techniques, such as density fills, softer natural hairline reconstruction, and 100% decreasing procedure time by using large gauges to fill the crown.

Most instructors have taught the differences in cartridge sizes and what they can be applied to. It's important because depending on the skin and other variables you would apply certain cartridges to the procedure
Our most popular seller is 06 gauge - .20mm as its the best overall cartridge for the procedures


  • 4 Gauge (.15mm) - Design for Hairline
  • 5 Gauge (.18mm) - Design for Hairline
  • 6 Gauge (.20mm) - Design for Hairline
  • 8 Gauge (.25mm) - Design for Crown
  • 10 Gauge (.30mm) - Design for Crown
  • Contains 20 Individually Blister Packed Pieces per Box.

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