Christian Abbagnato

Chris Abbagnato, 24 years old SMP artist and trainer from Tricomedica Abbagnato SMP based in Italy, he is the youngest of three brothers behind this brand. Chris began to be fascinated by SMP since the young age of 17, already approaching at it as his brother @tony_abbagnato_smp was already in the business in London, as soon as he finished his studies, Chris joined Tony in the UK for a “Spartan” training with him in SMP, and there he realizes that this, would have been his path. In 2017 Chris makes his way back to Italy with Tony, this time to build their own business, later one with the project ACADEMY he discovers the passione of teaching, revealing himself to be a full skilled trainer. Alongside his brother, Chris A is now known around the globe for his style and dedication, he’s for sure one of the youngest man in the SMP INDUSTRY with many good news to come this year , STAY TUNED.

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