Ivan Alvarado

Ivan Alvarado @ivan.smp Is Co-founder of @milisbeautystudio Mili’s Beauty Studio in Austin, TX, Co-founder, Pro artist at @picassojeff Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation, Master Trainer Assistant for @ldrsmp Leaders SMP Academy, sponsored @ghostpigment SMP artist, one of the organizer of the @smpexpo, host of The Scalp Solutions Podcast Latino @scalpsolutionspodcast and creator of the first SMP Photo Mock-up Course.

Through his many years of working in sales, customer service and mentorship, his journey in SMP has brought a new meaning of purpose in his life. Ivan is passionate about serving people as an SMP artist. Not only by changing lives of men and women alike through SMP, but within the industry itself. Ivan’s mastery in artistic composition and attention to detail perfectly translate to the challenge and precision of SMP work.

He hopes to bring more awareness about the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to the Hispanic community in the U.S and in Spanish speaking countries as well as to inspire and motive new SMP artists.

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