Michal Muszyski

"Magic Mike” Michal Muszynski founder of Hairline ink is renowned as one of the best practitioners in the industry.

Growing up in Poland, Mike was constantly surrounded by art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, and writing music sparked within him a passion for creating art at a very young age. What Mike didn’t know then was that his interest in art would lead him to finding his purpose, mastering an art, and changing the lives of thousands.

Over 3,000 clients have come to Mike for his personalized, innovative technique of creating density, more realistic hairlines, and the “fade look” style. A large number of clients have even flown in from all of the world specifically to receive their treatment from Mike. Because Mike has experienced the same struggle as his clients, he is able to connect with them in a genuine, meaningful way. This connection inspires in his clients something that cannot simply be described in words. Something that cannot be learned, replicated, or counterfeited. Something real, and authentic. A feeling. Being able to create this feeling for others is why greatness chose “Magic Mike” to be one of the best in the world.

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